Meeting Point: Gülpınar /// General Info

Photo: Yiğit Adam

The first edition of the project brought international participants from France, Germany, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, USA and Turkey together in Gülpınar (Çanakkale) with the guidance of Local Agenda 21. When you reach the most westerly point of Turkey after the never ending, winding and tiresome roads of the Aegean, you are greeted by the open minded, benevolent and kind inhabitants of Gülpınar. The village that has been given the status of district some 15 years ago, has had the necessary funding to establish a policlinic and a Regional Boarding School where the participants, artists of the festival and the project team stayed for the one week during the project. A settlement mentioned in important historical documents from the Ancient Greece to the Ottoman Empire, Gülpınar, with the newly settled nomadic villages in its vicinity and with many other features we discovered during the stay, has proved to be a right choice of location as it supported the project's idea of gathering differences and channelling them towards new artistic formations.

The project had different but complementary paths to attain its goal. It had several workshops with different target and teaching groups. Meeting Point: Gülpınar acted as an education programme during the day and as a festival at night with its artistic activities and various workshops aiming at different age groups. The education programme with its international participants and course leaders from abroad, Turkey and Gülpınar, comprised of three central and three complementary workshops.

The Meeting Point Project

Meeting Point is an international project aiming to gather communities and individuals with different social, religious and cultural backgrounds through the civilian activities of art, creativity and cultural heritage. Meeting Point is interested in using various creative art disciplines to harmonise differences, raising in an innovative manner an awareness of and respect for both the rights and duties of oneself and of others as well as the complementary nature of differences. It encourages individuals to rediscover the differences of both themselves and others through this awareness of complementariness.

Meeting Point aims to disrupt, at least for a short period of time, the chronically discriminatory, capitalist and monopolist attitudes and the status quo of our time. It plans to do this by transporting various creative forces of the art world from 'the city' -the current home of art- into smaller settlements. It encourages individuals from various metropoles of the world to leave behind their shields which they created to protect themselves from the mentioned attitudes. It is a project where the participants have come to inscribe the weeklong experience of the "I" in its pure form, perhaps the most important quality for artistic creation, in an environment where, with all prejudices left behind at the city, they are in no need to prove themselves nor to compete.

Meeting Point: Gülpınar was the first edition of Meeting Point project carried out under the umbrella of Diyalog-Der and the second edition Meeting Point: Büyükhüsun was realised with CUMA Contemporary Utopia Management. Both projects were conceived by Ece Pazarbaşı and realized in the summer of 2007 and 2009. The project will be developed with CAMP, still in line with its original conception alongside improvements enriching its content and widening its scope. 


Meeting Point: Gülpınar Team

Project Director: Ece Pazarbaşı (TR)
Project Coordinators: Nimet Doğan (TR), Fleur Dronkers (NL)
Concept, Design and Content Advisor: Yiğit Adam (TR)
Technical Crew: Abbas Akkaya (TR), Dagmar Albert (DE)
Workshop Leaders:
Photography: Ahmet Polat
Video: Thomas Büsch, Sabine Küper
Music: Çiğdem Ergun
Creative Drama: Özlem Ergun
Cartoon: Tuncay Akgün, Mehmet Çağçağ
Local Cuisine: Hasan Açanal (coordinator),
Afet Bostancı, Nilüfer Çakır, Mukadder Evci, Naile Işık, Mukaddes Ünal
Special Thanks to:
Ozan Adam • Savaş Arslan • Erkan Başa • Xavier Bobes • Sadun Emrealp • Murat Ertel • Julià Carboneras Girgas • Mine Gezgüç • Marina Hil • Stefan Kaegi • Kristina Kramer • Murat Meriç • Erhan Mahmuzlu • Yeşim Oruç • Ceren Oykut • Sinan Özden • Coşkun Özgünel • Öykü Özsoy • Platform Garanti Güncel Sanat Merkezi / Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center • Ümit Torun • Eylül Uçar • Melih Uçar • and People of Gülpınar.